Add shortcut for identity / card form auto fill (information address payment credit contact automatic keyboard)

I saw other topics for similar requests, but either the title isn’t descriptive, or they suggest additional features that may be harder to implement.

Please consider treating this as the definitive request topic for a faster method to input stored identity and card information.

A keyboard shortcut should be added to the browser extension, enabling users to fill out identity and credit card information.

Other thoughts:
This function already exists within the Bitwarden menu, as does keyboard-shortcut functionality. Therefore this is almost certainly the most easily implementable form of this class of requests. Economics being what they are, maybe most likely to actually be implemented too.

I suspect this feature is copy-paste implementable, apart from the question of “how is it known which card or identity should be used?” While using the shortcut to step through a list of available identities/cards would be ideal, just being able to mark one as “primary” for the purposes would be a vast improvement. So I officially request either, or some other. It doesn’t really matter.

Others have suggested a form overlay solution, in which a button is added on top of the current page’s forms to allow identity/card input with a click. While that might be an improvement, this is likely a lot harder to implement and still has all the costs associated with determining which identity/card to choose. Creating the overlay is one thing, then drawing a new menu if necessary is another. This also has a non-negligible performance impact. So now you need a new options menu item to disable the overlay for those that don’t want it. If you’re a fan of this solution, I’m arguing that you could just as well learn a new keyboard shortcut, until an overlay can be implemented at a later time. You get to configure the chosen shortcut combo too. That one comes free, as there are already menus to configure existing keyboard shortcuts. The browser provides this functionality.

I think that your request is pretty much identical to the following one, which already has 3 votes:

The mods should probably merge these two requests. I agree that the proposals for overlay solutions have been requesting something different, and perhaps shouldn’t be merged; nonetheless, those overlay-related requests do indicate that there is an unmet need with regards to autofilling of credit card (and identity) information.