Issue with google and chrome app autofill on android

In the Chrome and Google apps on my pixel 5a (android 12), google’s password box with the key on the side is showing up even though I have disabled Google autofill and set Bitwarden as the autofill service app. Autofill works fine in Firefox (with the Bitwarden app, not the extension), so I don’t understand what the issue could be unless Google is pulling some shenanigans with it’s own apps. This happens with both swiftkey and gboard and with inline on and off.

(I know the first one is of a different part of the sign in process but I doesn’t change anything)

I believe there’s a setting in the Chrome app that you need to turn off… Settings > Passwords > Save Passwords.

I looked at that setting and it was off, but autofill works now. Hopefully it stays like that…thanks for the help!