Is there any way to prevent bitwarden from filling in a field?

When using bitwarden to fill in fields on a website, it sometimes fills in fields it should not.

For example, on one site, it fills in the username and pw correctly, but also fills the pw into a username field (in plain text) for a “forgot password” UI element on the same page.

Is there any way to prevent bitwarden from filling in unwanted fields? Perhaps a place to add a CSS selector for fields to ignore on specific sites?

Yeah, I have noticed that too when loggin into Facebook. User name is filled in and password on the section for sign up too. Although it doesnt fill it the password in plain text, just dots on password. I guess it does no harm, especially since I use 2FA, but would be nice if it didnt.

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Thanks so much for confirming the issue. Does anyone know of a solution or workaround?

On some sites, it’s just a mild annoyance; on other sites, it can lead to confidential data (such as passwords) being sent in plain text, or for forms to get rejected because the data filled-in does not match what is expected.

If there’s no solution or workaround, I will create a feature request.

I am seeing the same using Firefox and logging into Facebook. Hope feature request was entered.