Bitwarden fills Fields not correctly

I added an identity in Bitwarden and filling fields works normally great.
At the website where I can reset the password for the Nintendo Switch of my daughter ( the email address field is filled with the street.

Also the website for creating a new account is not filled completely:

Here the birthday, sex and nickname (username) are not filled.

Hope this is the right way to report these issues.

Thanks for the heads-up here. We use GitHub for issue reports (dev/engineering/qa are notified directly) - just pick the most applicable repo. For this it seems like the browser repo would be best:

Today I logged into my Firefox account, but Bitwarden actually failed to fill the password field, I even tried using the keyboard shortcuts which is weird, do I have to add another URL? Can you check on this real quick?

I can confirm the firefox sign-in page doesn’t autofill for me, even when specifying the input-row/password field IDs directly via custom fields.

I posted 2 years ago some issues in GitHub:

Both are not finished, one was not even answered by the Bitwarden team.
So I thought that you are no longer using GitHub.

We’re definitely still in GitHub :sunglasses:

Auto fill is tricky because it depends so much on the web developers using standardized (more or less) forms so we can recognize and fill, and as such it’s not always a “bug” - and is a very general item that takes constant iteration. I wish there was a silver bullet to solve all auto fill scenarios.