Fill in "confirm email" fields

The browser extension fills in an email field, but it will leave a “confirm email” field blank. It would be nice if it filled that one in as well. (There’s a GitHub issue, but I’m adding it on here too since I didn’t see it yet.)

This happens currently because Bitwarden will only fill the first matching field when auto-filling an identity/card.

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As I said in the github issue, I believe this is really a special case of a bigger issue. I suggest renaming this feature request to:

Better identify correspondence between form fields and stored site/identity/card data

Compared to a more “mature” password manager such as Lastpass, BW could improve:

  • filling double email address fields as noted above
  • recognizing more identity fields such as address, province, state, country, …
  • recognizing credit card fields (number, expiry month/year formats, CVC codes)

Credit card data can be especially frustrating. I’ll be the first to say Lastpass messed it up a fair bit, too, but BW seems much more ignorant of CC fields, and I end up cutting/pasting and looking up expiry dates and CVC codes all the time.

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A lot of this has to do with the fact that websites fail to properly label their forums with autofill hints (an HTML standard). So we have to fallback to hacky/error-prone detection methods.

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@kriswilk Yes, I agree with you - that’s a bigger issue. But as @kspearrin says, currently Bitwarden only fills in one field. I think that sounds like a reasonably quick fix - maybe even just a special case where it’s allowed to fill in an email address twice instead of once.

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I completely understand. This is not something that can be “fixed”, merely improved.

But I do think there is room for improvement. Even if some additional logic doesn’t always work, it might work far better than simply leaving fields blank.

For instance, when filling a CC: even without a recognizable name or hint, a field with anything like “mm/yy” or “MMYY” or “mm/yyyy” in its markup is probably a CC expiry date, and with a particular format.

Should I create a separate issue for more general autofill improvements?

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@kriswilk That’d be good to track in GitHub. Please provide example websites where the filling fails today and we can add case by case fixes.

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No problem. As I encounter different examples I will provide them via GitHub.

I added in Bitwarden an identity and also filled the email address.
In the Edge Browser I synced my vault (so all data is up to date).

Then I went to the German website of Facebook:
Here I selected to fill my identity from the Bitwarden extension.

At top of the Facebook website the email address is entered (this is the login field).
But in the registration fields the email address is not filled (my first name and my last name is filled).

The reason is described by @kspearrin:

Bitwarden will only fill the first matching field when auto-filling an identity/card.

So maybe this should be changed?

Yes, I agree with you. It’s a fact that occasionally it happens on some websites and filling forms.
Recently I had to register some new e-mails on and even that LP filled in the personal info into the forms bypassing the copy/paste fields, that won’t let me get to the next step unless I typed in key by key.

Same happened to me when I was shopping at and it asked for my CC info, so even that LP filled in instantly (after prompting) it wouldn’t proceed unless I typed in the information manually.

So indeed it’s a trouble here to get these fields to be forced “forced” to auto-fill. Such fields won’t allow copy/paste or to bypass the auto-fill protection. LP does it somehow, but sometimes it tends to fail. Not in all cases, but just in a few exceptions.

The trend is that other websites adopt these methods to stop the user to auto-fill certain fields, even that’s more convenient for people to complete signing up. It would be a pain to find a flaw on those new platforms in order to bypass the auto-filling protection.

On the other hand, there could be a small solution as some other user mentioned on other post. I went to know more about it and I liked the idea. To simulate that the user is pressing each key, auto-filling the field “manually” but like a quick typing. You can read more about this idea clicking here.

I hope you get my opinions.