Where is the developer information?

Looking for help with problems designing a site to be Bitwarden compatible.
Is there a resource that caters to dev needs?

My issue is: I have 6 input fields on a user account page, I can’t seem to determine how bitwarden chooses what to autofill. I have 2 inputs “username” and “current-password”, but autofill wants to fill “email” and “alias”, even when they arenot within the form tag. Bitwarden also fills more that 2 inputs in some cases.

Not sure what I am missing, please help!

Did you try the help system first? It may sound obvious, but many questions here could be answered by reading that first.

@Davidz as far as I can see the help is mostly for users.

I am looking for help designing a page that is compatible with Bitwarden.
I do not understand how Bitwarden is selecting what fields to fill.
It does not seem to be filling the obvious fields, so I am missing some key point…

Or did I miss the section in the help for that?

I found a chat for devs, will use that to find solution.
Please disregard the above post.

Dev Chat for anyone else looking for similar help

You can make use of the feature we just released:

Web Developer Autofill Exclusion: Web Development contributors can now prevent the Browser Extension from auto-filling a given form element by adding a data-bwignore attribute (e.g. data-bwignore=“true”) to an element.

And these guidelines:


Perfect, that should do it, Thanks!