iOS app - browser only?

Apple user here. iOS (iPhone) 16.4.1 (a)

I installed the Bitwarden iOS app. I enabled the extension support. Yet, it seems if I use any non-browser app (ie: 99% of my apps are NOT in a browser like Chrome, etc.) that Bitwarden is NOT integrated into the OS.

Meaning, when you get to the login on the app (say, the Raise app, or Experian, etc.) and iOS prompts you for a password (you can press the little key icon thingy), it comes up with a list of password managers integrated into the OS. For example, mine shows: Keychain (Apple’s password manager) and Roboform. I do NOT see Bitwarden as a choice.

Is this how the app works? Only supports web browsers in Mobile?

Hi @mjonis, there is a little bit of setup required in order to use Bitwarden app for other non-browser apps. Check out this Help Center article for a step by step guide! :slightly_smiling_face:

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