Bitwarden Without Desktop App

Because of remote protocols I cannot install Bitwarden on the laptop I use. Is it possible to use Bitwarden solely as a mobile app. If so, will there be any ramifications when accessing websites, via the laptop browser, that have vaulted passwords? I’m not exactly sure how Bitwarden works.


Can’t you use a browser extension and/or enter the vault as a standard web page? Just making sure about the obvious.

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Yes, it is possible. Searching - for example within the notes - is somewhat limited on the mobile app, but you can always use the web-vault for that. Using the mobile app of course is less comfortable as you will have to look up your credentials on one device and then type them on another instead of simply initiating an autofill via a hotkey. But if that is ok with you then there is no reason not to use the mobile app.

As @Jan_Dvorak already mentioned you should find out if installing a browser extension is ok. This would simplify the routine of logging in.

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Yes. I am now using the browser extension. I thought I was also required to download and install software. Thanks.

I am trying to log into my Instagram account on my mobile device, but am met only with a black screen. It is now inaccessible, whether I attempt to gain access using the IG app launch icon or the launch option within the Bitwarden app.

Where is that black screen ? Is it the complete display of your mobile device, the Bitwarden app or the Instragram app ?

The complete screen of the mobile device, apart from my top navigation bar.

Close whatever is running, if necessary reboot your phone.

Sorry, I think the black screen was just the app, but I have rebooted the device anyway.

Initially, I still got the same response. So I forced the IG app to stop and cleared the cache. This made no difference, but when I repeated these two procedures again and also cleared all data, I was able to launch the IG app. All the in-app settings had, of course, defaulted (the black screen was simply because I had the app themed to dark).

I tested by logging out, and attempting to log back in. This time I was met with a white screen (default app theme), whether I attempted to log in via the native app icon or Bitwarden. And, forcing stop and deleting the cache and all data, made no difference.

Though, after a short time, I again forced stop and deleted the cache and all data, and again I was then able to launch the app with either option.

Having logged out and in several times, everything seems to be working fine.

Odd behaviour I do not understand.

Thanks for your help.

Is there a facility within Bitwarden, so that if I log out of Bitwarden on my mobile device, all the vaulted logins on that device will automatically log out?

This does not exist. But what you could do instead is to make sure not to confirm the “Remember me”-option for in every app and and on every website during login. If you already did login using the “Remember me”-option just log out (in every app and on every website) and next time do not activate that option.

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