Integration w/ Chrome IOS

Something happened in the past few days. Bitwarden freezes on my iPhone when I try to use it with Chrome. Recently updated both Bitwarden and IOS. Thoughts?

Same here. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Worked once and started happening again.

Same. I deleted and reinstalled Bitwarden three times on my iOS—it works for five minutes and then fails.

When clicking on a password/username field, the iOS keyboard pops up with the key and “passwords” option available. Once I click, the screen dims but Bitwarden does not pop up. In some browsers, the dimming eventually returns to normal, but for others I have to force close the browser.

The app itself seems to work fine when opened directly.

I have tried using several browsers:
Brave - Fail
Firefox - Fail
Edge - Fail
Safari - OK
OnionBrowser - Fail
DuckDuckGo App - Fail

Running iPhone 8 with iOS 13.4.1, and Bitwarden 2.4.2 (most recent from App Store).

Devs, please take a look into this as soon as possible. I normally do not use Safari because of security concerns, but it is the only browser that works. I don’t want to have to switch to another PM, but losing that functionality is not ideal.

Thank you for your help.


Follow-up, I just upgraded my iOS to 13.5.1, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue resulting from iOS upgrade.