Mobile App URI

I’m a newbie; first time using a password manager. I’ve been setting up the apps on my iphone. Sometimes the URI takes me to the app, sometimes it opens up the website in my browser. How do I modify or locate the URI so Bitwarden opens/connects to the mobile app and not the website?

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I would have a look at how the URIs are formatted in those entries that correctly open the mobile app, then check the ones that are opening a website and reformat them. I’m not sure how it works on iOS - on Android, the URI starts androidapp://

There’s no difference in the URI. For example opens the app, while opens the web browser. I can’t find any documentation for an iOS equivalent to androidapp:// Perhaps the difference is the app itself and there’s no way to code the URI to fix it. But it would be nice to know. I’ve read financial apps are problematic.

It sounds like the problem lies outside of Bitwarden. I imagine there’s a setting somewhere in iOS that tells it to open certain URLs using the web browser, others in an app, etc. Check the settings for those two particular examples you gave.

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