Using Bitwarden with Android Apps

I’ve been using Bitwarden for about six weeks after deciding I could not stay with LastPass, and I’m very happy with the decision. I spend more time using my Windows 10 computer than I do with my Android phone and tablet. A number of websites I access via my PC also have apps that I access on my Android devices. The piece of information I am missing is how the Android apps can use the credentials that I’ve stored in Bitwarden and which I use for web access. After a fair amount of searching and reading, I think the answer is to use multiple URI’s in a Bitwarden entry - one for the website URL and another for the app. Is there a clear explanation somewhere of how a URI for an Android app is constructed or created?

Since posting the above, I’ve done more reading and experimenting. I’ve obtained what I believe are correct Android URI’s for two of my apps and stored them in Bitwarden. However, when running both of those apps, nothing appears asking me to login using the Bitwarden info, even though I have unlocked the BW vault. Is androidapp:// required at the beginning of these URI’s?

See if this helps:

Thank you, grb. I have just read that reference material carefully and observe the following:

I have obtained the URI info for one of the apps by using the Play Store - Share technique and have placed androidapp:// in front of it. I have specified Default match detection.

When I look at the Bitwarden entry for this app, I see two URI’s - one for the website URL and the one I just created for the app. Tapping the launch icon for the website works and logs me into the associated account. I get no response when tapping the launch icon for the app. If it matters, there is no word or component in the first URI that is the same as those in the second URI.

If I launch the app directly, I see nothing that indicates any involvement by Bitwarden. What should I try next?

I should warn that I do not use the mobile apps myself, so I am not the best person to help with this.

What is the default URI match detection method configured in your settings? The documentation describes mainly how the different options work for a an http:// or https:// scheme URL, so it’s unclear how the Base Domain matching method (the default method, unless you’ve changed it) and the others work when it comes to a mobile app URI. I would suggest maybe setting the match detection to Host, Exact or Starts With for the androidapp:// URI, as a test.

This “tapping” was done on your Android phone, correct? If so, I would think it should launch the app, so hopefully someone else can help you troubleshoot.

There are some hoops that have to be jumped through to get auto-filling to work on Android. See here for a starting point, but maybe some Android user will come along and give you more direct advice.

This won’t help with the launching problem, but there is an alternative approach to setting up a single login item to work on both websites and mobile apps (other than defining two URIs in the login items, which is what you’re doing now). If you go to the Account Settings section of the Web Vault, there is a page called Domain Rules where you can define custom equivalent domains (for example, by defining an equivalence of, androidapp://

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