URI not launching Android apps anymore?

I am having an issue launching apps using URI’s on my Samsung S10+. They use to launch without issue before when I clicked the URI launch button but now they no longer launch.

Any ideas on how I can fix this issue?

Thanks for any help.

It is working fine on my Pixel 5a.

This is a long shot, but have you tried restarting your phone?

Unfortuately a phone restart doesn’t help. It’s only apps that are having an issue. Anything using a website address launches without issue.

Has your phone recently received a security update? When was the last time the URIs were working properly?

I do believe I got a phone update a little over a month ago. It may have started having issues around that time.

FWIW it works fine on my pixel 6 running android version 13 security update 1/5/23 with bitwarden app version 2023.1.0 (5786). I click on the icon located between the URI and the copy icon and it launches the page in my chrome browser version 109.0.5414.117.

Seeing the same issue on Xiaomi Mi10T