Infinite Scrolling without scrolling to infinity

Feature name

Infinite Scrolling without scrolling to infinity

Feature function

It will be a good thing if Bitwarden loads all items instead of forcing us to scroll down, wait for loading login items, then scroll down again, wait again, and repeat same thing repeatedly. For example, if I want to scroll down around 600ish login items, I have to wait at least 3 times for Bitwarden to load my logins.

Bitwarden should load everything, instead of opening items when scrolling down.

Especially with around 600 logins why would you want to find credentials by scrolling instead of searching ?

Because I want to edit old ones?

That doesn’t explain wanting to find them by scrolling.

Some of my logins have old emails, users and I usually find them while scrolling. I can’t remember all of my logins, so when doing random checks I usually find one or two old ones or wrong ones.

Then why don’t you use the web vault at ?

Why would I do that when I have desktop app?

Edit. Web vault has same issue.