Vault of over 800 passwords not listing

Using the to open my vault, I first got as far as the letter E. I cannot see vault entries below that.

How do I see all of the vault?

I’m a little confused. Did you recently import 800 passwords and now you can’t see all of them? Or were they there and now you can no longer see them?

Recently? I can’t answer than. It wasn’t an import today. I don’t know if I can see all of them, as I can’t scroll down past D. But I can search for Ma or Mb or alphabet letters and they come up, so I believe the vault is properly populated. Sometimes, I can scroll to E or F, but the page shortens (jumps, literally), like it cut off past D. I apologize. I don’t know what this is or how to describe it clearly.
I open the vault in a tab, not the extension (which is also installed) I scroll down the page, sometimes using the bar (far right), sometimes, using the down arrow cursor key, sometimes PageUP or PageDown keys. I get to the Ds and then no more scrolling. Sorry for the confusion. I’m feeling it myself.

I just tested my vault in Chrome and I’m having no problems scrolling. What browser are you using?

This is just a guess, but I would Logout of Bitwarden, delete all Bitwarden cookies from you browser, restart my computer and try to login again.

Browser: Chromium. I cleared all BW cookies (about 18). Warm booted and instantiated Bitwarden in a Chromium tab. Worked further through the alphabet, as far as some F-s. I’m changing all the vault’s password holdings. As I go back and forth between tabs, entering credentials then changing credentials by the time I get back to the page showing the vault’s list of sites/passwords, the Ds are as far as I can scroll down. No Es, Fs and the like. Thanks for staying with this one Dodger Rodger!

I’ve encountered the same bug when using the web vault with a long list of logins. A temporary solution for me was to go to a different page within the vault like Reports and then back into the Vault and usually as I scrolled down it would begin to load the rest of the logins. This is one of the only small issues I’ve had with BW after moving to it over the past few weeks.

Thanks. I’m going to close this post and thread. No sense beating a dead horse.

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Thanks all, the team is reviewing this one.