Can't login to vault via browser

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to login to my vault via desktop browser without success for the past hour or so. When I press “Log in with master password,” it just keeps circling and circling without any success. There were no problems with the mobile app.

I tried another computer with a different IP and had no success either.


Same problem here altho I can’t use mobile either. I contacted support then came here.
I was fine on desktop and mobile yesterday.
This morning I downloaded and installed the git Importer .pkg and am completely dead in the water.

Feel as I had the same issue, then I was finaly able to log in, but it took some time and a bit of spinning.

I also noticed that the web asked me that I should increase the keys , but I will wait till its more stable to do that.

same here

Support replied that they are aware of the issue and working on a fix. I was able to login a minute ago.

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Awesome, thank you sir.

I checked their status page, no notes there. I hope they update it soon.

opps… it was … Status Page - Bitwarden

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Same issue here but it appears to be resolved now. For about 1.5 hours this morning, I was unable to login to Web Vault at all and I could login to Browser Extension but it showed an empty vault. Those are two separate (though possibly related) issues.

Here is the response I received from Bitwarden Support:

If you are receiving this message, you have contacted us about the inability to log into your account or about your account been empty once you are logged in.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience. There were a few server glitches over the past hour that should be resolved by now.

If you are still encountering any issue, please make sure to log out from your account completely and log back in.

More information here: [Vault Timeout Options | Bitwarden Help Center]

That’s the Browser Extension performance issue. There’s another forum thread for that one.

This issue is related to this status update (which was posted 2 minutes ago): Intermittent Access - Status Page - Bitwarden