Maintain vault position after editing an item

Feature name

  • After editing an item, Bitwarden desktop application shouldn’t go to first login item.

Feature function

  • In current version, when you edit an item, it goes back to the top, the first login item. Imagine you have hundreds, even thousands of login items, and you want to modify several of them. Each time you modify one item, it goes back to the top, which is not good.
  • In addition to that, Bitwarden is not loading all of the items, but instead it loads only few of them and load rest of them when you scroll down, which is very bad.
  • Point of this fix will be, when you edit an item, Bitwarden will stay where you are, and will not go to the top.

Thanks for the requests!

Would you mind separating the two requests into specific threads? It helps keep things focused.

Sure, will edit now.

Created another thread for infinite scrolling.