Remember scroll location after editing/saving or deleting records

Feature name

Remember scroll location

Feature function

Remember where in the list of passwords the user has scrolled too so that after editing / saving a password, deleting a password, or even opening up Bitwarden again, the list of passwords will return to the same state it was before completing the action.

Currently, after editing, deleting or opening Bitwarden, the password list always refreshes and goes back to the very top. I recently moved over to Bitwarden from 1Password and I have to manually edit a number of my password records… which means for every edit I make, the list refreshes and I need to scroll back down through my list and find where I was so I can resuming checking my other records.

It would be very cool if Bitwarden could remember which password record was at the top of the list and then when the list refreshes, automatically return to that spot.


Yeah very annoying when your doing a mass sort out of your password manager.

The desktop app is nice to view or edit vault entries. However it needs to go a step further. I use it to make bulk changes in my entries, but when I delete or edit one of them, the list restarts back at the beginning - I would like it not to reposition!

And it would also be great to have the ability to tag several items for bulk operation like delete or move to organization or folder.

After an item has been changed and saved it returns to the first item in the list. It’s being hard to find and go the the next item in the list. It should remember the position of the recent changed item in the list.

Adding to this as well.

I’m going through and cleaning up all my details across multiple password apps and consolidating into bitwarden with my family.

Really difficult to keep a good workflow when the menu goes back to the top each time

This is kind of important,
especially when you imported 500 records and now need to edit many of them… my god
My solution was to send them to a collection so I always working at the top but my understanding is that you can’t send the record back again to the private vault without doing some import or duplicate magic

Its impossible to edit the passwords. I have to scroll alwas down and find where the last position was. :triumph:

I recently switched over to BitWarden and imported my vault and I’m going through organizing my 100+ passwords using the Desktop App. Annoyingly every time I make any change like sorting it into a folder, it refreshes the whole list and scrolls me all the way back to the top.

I would love to be able to keep my place where I left off.

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Yes, this problem is annoying.

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this is still an issue. i’m mass editing every entry and it’s so annoying to keep scrolling and re-finding my position. I feel like this fix should be easy, and it’s a great QoL.

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Welcome to the community @insipx! Thanks for adding your feedback to this feature request!