In the OSX app, global hotkey to search vault

Like LastPass’ cmd+shift+l will bring search vault - is there something similar for BitWarden app? I have a lot of passwords for ssh servers and such and I need a fast way to copy the password.

Sorry if the question already has been asked, tried to search without luck.

Thanks in advantage


I’m also waiting for this feature.

Ack. I just noticed this.

Without a global search shortcut key I’m going to have to pass on Bitwarden.


Also this thread is relevant: Hotkey to vault search field?

I’ve got workaround to add global hotkey for macOS Desktop app with Hammerspoon (

Lua script:

-- file: ~/.hammerspoon/init.lua
-- Bring Bitwarden to front and focus on the search field
-- Required accessability to be enabled in Hammerspoon & System preferences
function launch_bitwarden_search()
    local app = hs.appfinder.appFromName("Bitwarden")
    if (app ~= nil) then
        local activated = app:activate(true)
        if (activated) then
            -- for Dock icon mode
            app:selectMenuItem({"View", "Search vault"})
            -- for menubar item mode
            hs.eventtap.keyStroke({"cmd"}, "f")
  "😕 Unable to activate Bitwarden app")
    else"😕 Bitwarden app not found")
hs.hotkey.bind({"cmd", "alt"}, '\\', launch_bitwarden_search)
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I am using Alfredapp and a bitwarden workflow. Very convenient, but I think you’ll need to buy the Alfred powerpack to enable workflows, which, in my opinion, is absolutely worth the money.

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It runs indeeds well but too slowly.
Password takes about 5 to 10 seconds to be copied in clipboard.
Quite boring when you use this a lot of times during your workday

Hammerspoon alternative from @maizy is free and quite better, on my own point of view !