Quick Search feature

Feature request for Bitwarden Desktop

LastPass has a Quick Search feature which let you use a shortcut to bring up a search bar, like macOS Spotlight. You could then type in your search, like go and then press CTRL/CMD+C to copy the password, or CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+C to copy the username.

I used that feature all the time to speed things up, and not having it in Bitwarden is unfortunate.

Yeah this was a very efficient feature to have!


I used the CMD + SHIFT + L shortcut for Lastpass all the time. Great feature to have, I’ts been requested for a long time too!

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in the address bar of Firefox (and of other browsers), one can type a keyword to active a specific search engine. Typing g cats will lead you to google and search for cats.

On the other hand, the Lastpass extension has its own shortcut: lp. So typing lp paypal would open the Paypal website, fill in the credentials AND log in. Which is pretty efficient, for a keyboard shortcut, one must say.

I would love to see this functionality on bitwarden!
Or is there something similar already?


Hi @zinzolin and welcome to the community.

This request is specific to desktop, but as you mentioned browsers. If you are using the Bitwarden Browser extension and press Ctrl/CMD+Shift+Y it will open the extension popup with focus on the search bar. Then you can type your search term and see the search results below.



The browser shortcut is helpful, of course. However, it’s not the same as the quick search where you can search for every credential of your apps (which probably doesn’t need any browser). So if you want to login to a specific app you don’t have to open the browser to use the short cut. Just type the shortcut and you’re ready to go.
I love this feature in Lastpass and use it all the time.

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Users coming from LastPass or 1Password are likely to miss this feature set when migrating to Bitwarden.

Here’s an example of the shortcuts I have available on 1Password that I do not have options for on Bitwarden, like op mentions from LastPass. Would be a great quality of life improvement to have something similar for the Bitwarden desktop experience.

@dimike96 - the Bitwarden Desktop App has a pretty rich set of shortcuts. Maybe you weren’t aware of them?

Thank you, I am aware of most of those. These features require the app to be open/in-focus/not in the system tray, whereas 1password’s “quick access” works as long as the program is running, opening an interface similar to the MacOS spotlight feature. This is the main feature request I believe

So currently this is how I copy the password for my second Google account:
Move mouse to the Bitwarden menu bar icon > Click > Cmd+F > Type “goo” > Tab > Tab > Tab > Enter > Cmd+C

If anyone knows a less terrible way, please let me know

With Quick Search it would ideally be:
Cmd+Shift+L > Type “goo” > KeyDown > Enter

@djsmith85 hi!
I also support this feature a lot.
I think not many people actually are aware of this browser feature that’s why there are not many upvotes.
But it surely is a killer productivity feature!

The solution you describe is equal to clicking the browser extension.
Because it saves only one step, which is… opening the pop-up.

You’ll still have to click the “open URL” icon with a mouse.
Enter/space doesn’t work as expected.

Please consider prioritizing this feature request.
LastPass has it and it’s super convenient.

@zinzolin describes the perfect way it should work.

Hi - Recent Lastpass convert here. I really like Bitwarden, but one feature I miss is being able to use Lastpass as a search engine within a browser. The Lastpass browser extension sets this up by default.

From the url/search bar, you just need to precede a search with "lp " and it will search your Lastpass vault and then you can launch the site directly from there without having to take your hands off the keyboard. It’s so convenient that I stopped using bookmarks in favor of my vault as access was so fast.

I understand one can use a keyboard shortcut (ctrl+shift+u on Linux) to bring the browser extension pop-up, but I’m finding that takes a few seconds to come up (maybe that’s cause my machine is slow.)

I certainly don’t mind a manual installation, I just couldn’t figure out how to set that up either.

Nonetheless, I really like Bitwarden and am happy to support opensource! Thanks for reading.