Global keyboard shortcut

keyboard shortcut for quick access

It would be great to have a global OS shortcut to search and copy in the clipboard passwords.
I miss this feature which is available on some alternative as Lastpass to complete out-of-browser login form : apps, servers, etc…

At this point, I’ve found a workaround with a Alfred Workflow.

But synchronization has regular bugs… quite boring.
I could be easily a native feature.

Also I would like a Shortcut to start the bitwarden desktop client, so I can quickly search, copy & paste credentials from the bitwarden client to any 3rd party app (which is not necessary a web-app)

I’m a little bit lost:
I found this FR to be voted upon but I also found this pull request that was already merged.

I’d be keen to work on it maybe, but I’m not sure if there is agreement on the approach for implementing this? or maybe it was already implemented but I somehow don’t see it enabled by default?