Import into Folders, not Collections

I’ve been searching for a while, experimenting, etc.

Importing from LastPass creates several dozen “Collections” instead of “Folders.” As a Premium subscriber, I have several family members I am trying to share select folders to by sharing to a collection. However, I don’t want to share ALL collections! I have 3 or 4 select collections I want to share out. But, the importer just created dozens of them instead.

Here’s the odd part:

During my import testing, 5 to 10 entries of LastPass imported into Folders just fine. Even with child/cascading folders!

However, importing the entire LastPass tree (>400 items), forces everything to collections.

Can I use the API to specify what to import where?

I’d use the CLI tool. Either you can parse the LastPass export (which format it is?) or once everything is imported walk with the CLI and edit the entries to send the to collection or folder depending on your needs.