Import does not allow putting new data into a specific folder

When importing log in data from another application, BitWarden pays no attention to the folder desiganators used in other password managers and imports all data to the unknown/NoFolder catagory. Leaving a very long drawn out process to move all 1980 imported logins to a one by one manual process.

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Not all importers support folders/collections. It all depends on what gets exported. May I ask which importer you used and could you also please check the exported file if it has the folders/collection?

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I realize that some Password managers support folder/collections better than others. I split my imports into separate files based on folder/collection that they came from LastPass and Blur/IronVest.

@bondo Bitwarden does support folders, and even supports importing items into specific folders. Daniel was telling you that the import tools designed to import from specific password managers may or may not successfully deal with folders, depending on which of the available import formats you’ve chosen when importing. In addition, some password managers do not export folder information (in which case it makes it impossible for Bitwarden’s import tools to know which folder each item belongs to).

If you want help with you issue, or want Bitwarden to make improvements to their import tools, then you will have to supply the information that Daniel had asked about:

  1. If you use a text editor or spreadsheet app to examine the file that was exported from the original password manager, is there any evidence that the file contains information about the folders/collections that each item belongs to?

  2. When importing the file into Bitwarden, which import format did you select in the importer?

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