How to import LastPass data into the original folders

I imported my LastPass vault but it did not come over in folders just one mass import. How do you import as organized in LP?

Hmm. Mine did, exactly as in LP. Are you on the web interface and maybe looking at the general list? Try switching to the categories list (I’m on my phone so I can’t remember the exact terms used).

Mine came over and then I spent a while erasing them. :slight_smile: If you scroll down on your Vault tab you should see them all at the bottom.

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Thanks but, I don’t see categories. I did have one folder already there before the import.

Did you choose the LastPass .csv option when importing? I would erase your vault, to avoid duplicates, and then re-import ensuring you select the LastPass option if you can’t find the folders. You can also open the csv file to inspect.

Yes the folders were there. My Dad had an empty BW and his folders do not show as well.

Thanks I went ahead and copy and pasted the items from the LP excel file onto the BW example file and deleted the original entries imported and then imported the new BW template filled csv and it worked! The folders in LP were under the grouping header, I pasted those under the folder header in the BW template. Thank you all for the tips, we got it done.