FOLDERS: "(uncategorized)" folder vs "No Folder"

My first attempt at importing from LastPass failed because BW allows only 2 collections. Went back to LP and deleted all Group associations, then created a new CSV file. That imported to BW, but I now have two FOLDERS–one with 257 items in (uncategorized) and 229 in No Folder. Is there a way to compare the two folders? Or can I move the contents of one to the other?

My recommendation would be to start from scratch as with every import you get a new set of duplicates. For that log into the Bitwarden vault at https://vault. Next go to Settings, scroll down to the Danger Zone and then click Purge Vault. WARNING: THIS WILL DELETE ALL ITEMS WITHIN BITWARDEN!

Once this is done import your data once only and you will be good to go.

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Thank you for your reply. The procedure replicated the problem.