I'm on the latest version of FireFox 87 and Bitwarden, but I cannot seem to get biometrics to work on the Firefox extension

All of my software is up to date, but for reference:

  • Desktop app version: 1.25.1
  • Firefox: 87
  • Bitwarden FF Extension: Up to date
  • The desktop app has “Browser Integration” enabled and it is open

Even after all of this, whenever I try to use biometric unlock on the browser extension is just says “awaiting confirmation from desktop”.

The interesting thing is that the FF extension permissions show this for me. Another user took a screenshot and theirs showed this. I figured that meant mine was out of date, but when I check the Release Notes it specifically shows this so it is definitely the right version.

I’m at a loss of what to do. It used to work great before they took it away due to that permission issue a month ago. I was really hoping to get it working again but I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

There is already a thread on this here, including a temporary fix until the next patch comes out:

Any suggestions on what would work if I’m on Windows 10?

Ditto. Using 1.49.1 on Firefox 78.9esr (which is merged from FF 87).

Update: Finally got it working. I had to go into the extension, uncheck Biometrics. When I checked it again, then Firefox asked me for the new permission. I went through those prompts and now it’s working.