If the Premium runs out, will TOTP stay?

Hi all! The question is actually as in the title

I have a premium and use TOTP, everything is fine. However, as we know, TOTP only works in premium.

Unfortunately, it cannot be renewed for several years. What if I, for a number of reasons, can’t or won’t renew it?

Will the TOTP remain for the enabled sites? Or maybe I won’t be able to add new ones? How does it work?

Thank you in advance

Hello @Asker - welcome.

If your premium subscription expires, your TOTP authentication keys will remain in your vault, but the Bitwarden clients will no longer generate the TOTP codes. Once you renew, the ability to generate codes is restored.


Hi @Asker and welcome to the community :tada:

You can store the TOTP seed in Bitwarden with any client. Premium activates the generation of a TOTP from the stored seed. If you do not extend Premium your seed will still be stored, you just won’t have any codes generated until you activate Premium again.

More information can be found here.

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Beat me to it @dh024 :sweat_smile: :

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Your question prompted me to check out my current TOTP setup. I have six TOTP’s setup. Five of them have backup 2FAs (text to my cell phone or email). The one that had no backups at all I moved back to sms so a situation like this could not occur.

Be wary of sending anything through SMS, too easy to snoop, best to use apps that let you export and store seed backups securely.

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Ok, thanks, I moved it back from sms to Google Auth and made a copy of the backup codes. Does BW have a backup method for TOTP?

Bitwarden exports include the TOTP seed :+1: