TOTP Stopped working

Today the TOTP stopped working - i got a message the feature requires a premium subscription in the TOTP field. However, I am subscribed to the families plan, which includes TOTP features.

Is this a bug? Did Bitwarden remove TOTP from the families plan? The website still says it is included.

I paid for a premium subscription before I realized i should not have to. So I contacted support to get my money back for the premium subscription - still waiting on a response.

I got a reply from customer service. It seems they have a NEW Families Plan at a new higher cost. I guess I will see if I can get my subscription updated to this new plan.

Customer Service was very good at resolving my issue. I am now upgraded to the New Families Plan, and my charge for the unneeded premium subscription has been refunded.

I am impressed with the customer service.

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Glad to hear support got it taken care of.

Most likely you were on an older legacy 2019 Family plan which allows for TOTP for items stored in the Organization but not for your personal vault unless you also paid for premium individually.

As the documentation states, the newer plan while being a higher base cost, also extends to provide premium benefits to all of your family members. So you only have to pay for a single family premium license and not also have to purchase a separate premium license for your individual user vault.

New from 2019 or new for 2023?

I was indeed on the 2019 Family Plan. The features of this plan is all I really needed.

The only features I really need are:

  • 2FA authenticator TOTP codes
  • linking passwords between family members

The old plan provided these features. But now the 2FA TOTP feature is only available for premium accounts. I don’t need any of the other premium features. But with the new Family Plan, I am forced to have all the premium features. Maybe one day I will need these, but I do not need them today.