TOTP after Subscription Expires

Hi all,
I’ve just purchased premium to support BitWarden even though ‘free version’ was enough for my needs. Now, that I have TOTP in BW, I moved some of 2FAs to BW but have a question. What happens once subscription expires and I must supply TOTP to login into existing website? Will that cause losing access to those websites?


Firstly, if you only have TOTOP generation in Bitwarden and you don’t have any alternative means of access then you will lose access. However, you should have followed the instructions when setting up 2FA on sites, in which case you will have alternatives.

Secondly, although you have gone to the free level (and so will not be able to generated the codes in Bitwarden) you will still be able to extract the secrets from Bitwarden, put them into an alternative TOTP generator and generate the codes using that.

Thirdly, you could setup an alternative TOTP generator now, there is nothing to stop you, in case Bitwarden suddenly dies. While that is probably extremely unlikely, it is sensible for most people to have copies of the information needed to access websites stored securely. Stored securely includes one/some/all of paper copies, stored on encrypted local discs and store don heavily encrypted remote drives.


@Davidz Thanks for detailed explanation. All makes sense…