TOTP Issues After Purchasing Premium

I just purchased Bitwarden Premium, and was trying to get Bitwarden’s TOTP function to work. I was able to add a TOTP URI with my phone, but it would never display the 2FA code, nor would the clock icon next to an entry appear as blue. Not on my phone, and not in my browser add-on, even after manually telling it to Sync. It did give me the option to “Copy Verification Code” in the Web Vault. But that’s it.

…until I logged out and logged in again. Closing the phone app and/or my browser didn’t fix the issue, but once I logged out and then in again for the first time after having purchased Premium, that seemed to fix it.

I don’t know if this is a bug or not. Apparently you need to log out and in again after buying Premium to get Bitwarden to unlock the new features.

Yep, sometimes it takes that to download a fresh set of data from your account.

Thanks for upgrading, hope you enjoy all the new features of Premium!

Thanks. I’m actually switching from LastPass today.

I tried Bitwarden some time ago but I liked the LastPass’ Security Challenge better than Bitwarden’s Vault Health Reports. …and then LastPass locked the Security Challenge on their web vault behind a $3/mo paywall (ie. LastPass Premium.) I found I could still access it on mobile, though. So it was just annoying, if not a bit ominous of future changes they might make.

But LastPass is also constantly popping up an “Upgrade to Premium” ad in the browser add-on’s drop down menu. -.- Nope. Stop bugging me about it.

So I’m switching to Bitwarden. I like it so far. And maybe I’ll decide whether I prefer using its TOTP function for sites rather than using Authy.


I can already now say that I like using Bitwarden for 2FA better than using Authy, and I’m not even done migrating all my 2FA accounts yet.

It’s much more convenient; the TOTPs are on any platform where I can access Bitwarden, so I can use one app instead of two; and which sites I have 2FA active on is less obvious. Also, Bitwarden has an Inactive 2FA Report, wherein it compares all the sites for which I have passwords against which ones have 2FA available to see if I haven’t enabled 2FA on some of them. LastPass’ Security Challenge doesn’t do that—LastPass Authenticator is just a red-colored Google Authenticator clone that implemented a cloud backup before Google’s did.