I never signed up for this site, but got an email welcoming me... concerining?

I thought that’s what burner email addresses and/or email aliases were for. One can create a [email protected] email address that in no way links directly to the individual.

Yep, that’s the smart way to do it. But I suspect many are unaware or don’t know how, so they just use a nonsensical address instead.

So what exactly are these extra measures, if I may ask?

Do we have to provide more proof that we’re not robots? Because I hate those. I mean, I’m already a Bitwarden account holder, but I’m still telling you… I hate those.

As long as you can pick out what ASCII values are in the basic set, it should be fine :upside_down_face: (kidding!)

We are adding hcaptcha to the signup flows and APIs.

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For anyone experiencing this issue, you can delete the account with the following steps: https://bitwarden.com/help/delete-your-account/#delete-a-personal-account