Bitwarden Email?

Hello, I received an email this morning supposedly from Bitwarden saying that my Bitwarden account has just been logged in from a new device. The problem is… i don’t remember ever signing up with Bitwarden, but if i did by chance it must have been a long time ago or something. But i haven’t logged in at all to Bitwarden. Not any time that i can remember…so what should I do about this email and a new device logging into my account…that i don’t think i even have…thank you for any advice you can offer.

Take a look at this:

Hello @Audrey and welcome to the community.

You specifically mentioned,

If you indeed did not sign up for an account it could be possible someone is creating an account using your email address (most likely gotten from an old data breach). They would not be able to confirm and verify the Bitwarden account though without access to your email however, so no issues there.

If you are confident you did not sign up for Bitwarden, or at the very least if you had long ago and perhaps not used it or forgotten your master password then you can sinply delete the offending account.

Steps to do so can be found here,

But you will want to go directly to and enter your email address. You can then confirm and then delete the account.

P.S. Also if you haven’t already started using a password manager to help make your online accounts more secure and easier to manage, then might I suggest a wonderful open-source option with an excellent free tier, and as you can see a superb community. :wink:

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