Login Issues?

I signed-up with Bitwarden yesterday and have been bouncing back-and forth with 1Password to test both prior to ditching Lastpass. Upon re-activating the Chrome extension earlier and successfully signing back in, I now cannot sign back into anything - the website, the Firefox extension after reactivating that. It happened almost immediately after signing back into the Chrome extension. I’m still signed-in to Chrome, but the “change master password” option link within the extension times-out the page, which is why I’m not panicking just yet about a compromise. I also am able to export my vault with the master password within the Chrome extension. I also have not received any master password hint emails from the website. Is anyone else having issues? 100% positive it’s the right master password I’m typing.

OK it’s getting scarier. As mentioned, after signing back into the Chrome extension and all further attempts in other extensions/apps failing, no hint emails, reset emails, or even delete account emails, I was able to create a new account somehow with the same email address. Was someone able to change the email account after getting in? I never got any authorization email to change it, nor any notification my password was changed, per what the BW info says. This makes no sense. I did NOT delete the account. What is happening?

Never heard about something like this. Perhaps you should contact their support.

Went ahead and did that. Thought I was going crazy and forgot I deleted the account yesterday, but double checked my email account and, of course, was able to sign into the Chrome extension initially, so that’s not the case. If I got compromised, why did I get no notification emails of a password or email account change? Why was I able to create a new account under the same email?

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One way you can verify if you have a Bitwarden account with that email address is that you press “Get Master Password hint” in the Desktop App or Web Vault. Then, enter the email address you think you used with Bitwarden. If you indeed have a Bitwarden account under that email address, you should get a email with your hint or just a email notifying you that you have not set a master password hint. But if you do NOT have a Bitwarden account under that email address, you should NOT receive any email or notification from Bitwarden.
Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

I did, and nothing came though. But I still have the account creation e-mails, the new device login notifications, etc. from yesterday when I created the account under that email address. I’m trying to get support to help but this is bizarre to them, as well, apparently.

I haven’t heard about this issue either. Keep us updated.

It sounds like you mistyped your email the first time you signed up.

I have the confirmation email from the account creation the first time I signed up in the email account in question.