SPAM after signup

I am new to BW. If this is an item that should be somewhere else let me know.

After recently installing BW on windows 10 and using the BW forum, I noticed several SPAM emails in my associated email account. All of the SPAM is security related (or at least so the subject states.) I am wondering if my email address is available somewhere in BW or BW forums that I can suppress. It seems awfully coincidental that the SPAM started after installing BW.

If you have any ideas I am listening.

Spam sucks!

Did you check the privacy policy and the terms of use for BW vault accounts? See what it says about BW sharing personal info and/or reach out to BW support. Unfortunately, this forum is only user-to-user support.

Personally, I haven’t checked since I never signed up for a BW account, other than this forum. I self-host BW which also requires entering an email address when you create an account. I also use the BW app and the browser add-ons for Windows but I haven’t received any spam.

I will pursue with support (or not.) :slight_smile:

This sounds somewhat unrelated! I’ve been using Bitwarden for well over a year (upgraded myself/wife to Premium today as a matter of fact) and I’ve never received spam email from them. I get the usual security alerts I’ve signed up to (2FA changed etc) but nothing I’d consider spam.

I use a special email adress only for bitwarden and got not a single spammail on that adress. So I think your problem has other reasons.

I thought it was odd that I signed up for a BW account and started receiving SPAM. I am leaning toward coincidental. The SPAM (I hate reading SPAM) points toward a little used email account that forwards to the account I use for BW. This leads me to believe that some other app/program/website/connection allowed the SPAM.

Thanks for your responses. My questions have been answered.