I have master password but recovery email is lost

Hi i know my master password but it asked for my recovery email that i no longer have access to. I have been using it on my firefox extension but one day it just logged me out and i can no longer log back in without the recovery email. I have screenshots to prove that i have created this account as well as the exact date when i created a bitwarden account. I do not have a 2FA setup… is it possible to recover my account? Thank you !

Hi @sahdave - if you know your master password and you did not enable 2FA, you should be able to login to your account with your email address and password only.

Bitwarden does not have a recovery email.

Oh im sorry i mistook 2FA as in 2FA by a third party authenticator it states to enter my two factor email. So sorry

Once you have received the two-step login email from Bitwarden, you should have all you need then to login to your vault. Unfortunately, if you have no access to the email, you will be unable to access your vault without it. Hopefully, you have saved your two-step recovery code or made a backup of your vault, as recommended. I hope you are able to gain access back into your account.

Outside of BW area, but perhaps you can go about the process of recovering your EMAIL account from the provider. Most companies have a mechanism for recovering a lost email access. Trying to help here.