How to keep Bitwarden online account and Firefox Extention Vaults in sync

I recently changed the password for an account in the Firefox Extension. This change does not show in my online Bitwarden account. Is there a way to sync these two or should I do it manually?

For back-up purposes I have downloaded the Online account vault and saved it as an .xlsx file but unless these two are in sync the back-up may be faulty.

@Pastat It will automatically sync. I do not know what is the cause of your problem. Any ideas @tgreer ?

It should sync automatically - how quickly did you check the web vault after changing the info in Firefox? You can always force the extension to sync.

Hi Dan, thanks for the response.
There was at least a week between the password change via Firefox Extension and the time that I opened the web account. I checked again just now and the old incorrect password is still on the web version despite both apps having been open simultaneously on at least three occasions.

You refer to forcing the Extension to sync - how do I do that?

Hi Dan,
After posting a few moments ago I checked the Extension and noticed the Sync tab and with the web account still open I used the Sync facility but it did not change the web database nor did it pick up the web database. I suspect that the Extension Syncing is between devices such as cellphones and Tablets.

It syncs across ALL DEVICES. just reinstall the extension and check again(Or update it and check.)

Just a note, when you perform an update via any client, in order for it to save, the Web Service (API) must return success - meaning the database received and stored the data. If the Web Vault appears out of date you may need to refresh it.

We do have some polishing items in the works to make sure you don’t accidentally save outdated information from an un-refreshed client in the works, too.

Does syncing work only when the username/idenity across devices is identical? I think this is the issue here. I use different aliases on these two devices - the PC/Web and the PC/Firefox Extension. If this is the case it is not an issue for me, I will simply manage it manually.

Yep that’s right. Bitwarden treats the plus sign as different accounts. If you want you can create an organisation and share them if you like.

Many Thanks for the support and the suggestion to create an organization. I suppose this thread can now be closed.