New convert from Lastpass - some questions


so i’m sure i’m not the only person that has just migrated from Lastpass to Bitwarden after the “bait and switch” that Lastpass has just announced.

so i’ve installed the mobile app and browser extension, and imported my data via CSV.
so far so good, however i have few questions about the chrome extension.

does the chrome extension not auto sync any changes? I imported by data via the website, but 30 minutes later the extension still hadn’t picked up any if the imported data, and i had to do a manual sync within the extension.

i have since made some other amendments via the website, and the extension hasn’t picked up those (last sync 10:01 which was my manual sync).

also, the lastpass extension would display a popup if i logged into a site that wasn’t in my vault already, and ask me if i wanted to add it. does the bitwarden extension not do that?


Hi @chenks,
Welcome to the Bitwarden Community!

In the help article Sync your Vault | Bitwarden Help & Support, it says, “Bitwarden client applications (Desktop Applications, Browser Extensions, Mobile Apps, and CLI) will sync automatically on login, and with regularity when unlocked.” However, I would suggest that you just manually sync instead of waiting for it to refresh by itself.
I think that if the Bitwarden extension auto-sync every other second, it would use a lot of RAM and CPU. But it’s just my guess.

The Bitwarden extension would “sometimes” display a popup when you log in to a new website, so I usually prefer to just add the new item(s) manually. However, you can double check that the “Disable Add Login Notification” in “Bitwarden Extension> Settings> Options” does NOT have a tick.

Bitwarden should definitely consider improving the auto-add feature though @tgreer @cscharf

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i guess it comes down to how regular is “regularity when unlocked”.
we we know how regular it is then we can work with it, but as it’s unknown you never are quite sure if it’s not auto-sycing at all, or just hasn’t reach the theshold yet.

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I’m also a new convert in from lastpass! I’m unable to find the following option, “Disable Add Login Notification” in “Bitwarden Extension> Settings> Options” I’m using Edge for mac and have installed it on my iPhone too, any suggestions as to where it is? Many thanks x


it’s in this screen (in the extension)


Thanks, but I’m not seeing those options, these are what I have.

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scroll down to “options”.

Thanks for the feedback and questions :slight_smile:

We’re definitely working on improving the save prompt for sites.

@chenks welcome! It should be syncing automatically, but with the increased traffic, there may have been some time where syncing was delayed. We will prevent editing an out of date item though - so you won’t accidentally get out of sync :+1:


Thank you! I wasn’t scrolling because I thought they were for premium members doh!!

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nothing to do with Lastpass though :rofl:

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:sweat_smile: what happened with them? (kidding!)


Sync is done via SignalR (WebSockets) in the browser extension and desktop apps, so when changes are made to your vault in another client, they get “pushed” through that socket (the client isn’t “polling” for changes constantly, that would definitely be unruly on CPU). This is generally reliable but it works on a “queue” so as Trey mentions, it could have gotten backed up. We’ll take a look at the load and see if we can beef that up a little as well, thanks for bringing it to our attention!


While the client isn’t polling, I assume there’s some sort of keepalive to ensure that the web socket is open and valid (rather than a dangling handle to nowhere). Is there any indication within the extension/desktop apps as to the status of that websocket, out of interest? What is the sync timestamp under the manual sync option in the extension reflecting - the most recent time anything was pushed down the socket? In the case where no passwords are updated in the vault for days, does that number just look super super old even though there’s nothing actually wrong?

I’m personally also seeing a very similar non-sync behaviour, but a bit more unidirectionally - the desktop app can pick up a change saved from the browser in a minute or two (seemingly only when I swap the desktop app into focus?), but an update from the desktop app may not be reflected in Chrome’s plugin for >30 minutes.

This is particularly visible for me since I’ve imported a ton of LastPass passwords and am using the desktop app for a much-needed spring clean of dead websites - but I keep hitting a situation where in the desktop app I’ve updated the domain a password is valid for (all those websites that have swapped from .info to .com and similar) or in the web vault I’ve added a new equivalent domain rule, but then when I launch the site the browser doesn’t yet recognise the URL match and it needs a manual sync before I can fill.

i think it timestamp is for the last sync attempt, regardless of whether there was anything new or not.

mine currently shows “Last sync: 18/02/2021 09:52:08” but i haven’t made any changes since yesterday.

We’ve bolstered our capacity for concurrent socket connections as we’ve seen a 3x+ increase in sync operations since Tuesday. Hopefully you start seeing quicker sync times; otherwise please let us know. In the meantime we are working to improve the overall experience for our friends coming from a certain other password manager that I won’t name.