How to delete lastpass login from Bitwarden

Hello all,

I set up a new Bitwarden account today. I imported the LastPass CSV successfully.

A couple of questions:

  1. My Bitwarden account shows the LastPass login info (please see the attached image). I am logged out of LP, but it is still showing up. How do I get rid of it?

  2. I want to delete my LP account but with the above is Bitwarden still tethered to LP? Is it ok to delete LP or should I keep it for a while with the transtion.

thank you so much!

PS. I am not super techy

Do you still have the LastPass browser extension installed? If so remove it from your browser and the LastPass popups should go away. In the above screenshot it seems like LastPass is giving you an autofill menu for the item you are editing, thinking it is a login form.

thank you! That worked.
However, the Bitwarden PW is not auto-populating. I have the extension installed on Chrome.

@pixelprincess The standard setting isn’t set to “auto-populating”.

What you want is some form of “auto-fill”, and I can recommend the help page to that: Auto-fill Logins in Browser Extensions | Bitwarden Help Center