Shut down LastPass but not delete it

I just downloaded Bitwarden and did a basic setup including importing my passwords from LastPass. I am currently using LastPass and it keeps functioning. I would like to temporarily shut it down and see how well Bitwarden functions. I do not want to delete it until I know Bitwarden is working.

There is no shutdown, you just stop using it. You can just go back to it if don’t like bitwarden

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You can easily disable the LP bowser extension.
I did the same a few weeks back, but more like a “cold turkey”, I knew I would not go back.
I’m quite happy with Bitwarden.

I think there is an option to totally delete your account, too. However, I don’t think that would be necessary unless you just want to make sure that you don’t want to learn your password data around. It may be good to leave LastPass around on the side as a debugging tool. I would keep the mobile side since the website site tend to have less problems.

I would recommend to keep the LP account for a month or so. I deleted mine too early, and figured out that one of the secure notes was not exported correctly from LP, well some learn it the hard way. However I had no problem with passwords.

I moved to BW and deleted everything LastPass related. I have no intention of going back. First, I exported my pass cards from LP and imported them to BW. I kept that file. After seeing everything worked fine in BW, it was goodbye LP. I have not looked back and have no regrets.

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