How Easy To Change Reused Passwords?

I am not yet a client of bitwarden. Before doing so, I want to know how easy is it to change reused passwords?

  1. Does bitwarden identify reused passwords?

  2. If so, can I simply click on that password and automatically change it via bitwarden, or do I need to go to the respective website, log in, click on Change Password and change it that way?

Thank you

@slider9499 Welcome to the forum!

If you have a Premium subscription (or if you have Premium privileges by being a member of a paid families, teams, or enterprise organization), then you can run a Re-Used Passwords Report to identify non-unique passwords stored in your vault.

There is no standardization among online services for how password changes are done, so it would be practically impossible for Bitwarden (or any other password manager browser extension) to automate the password change process.

The easiest method to make a password change is to navigate to the website’s password change form, then edit the corresponding vault item in the Bitwarden browser extension, completing the following tasks:

  1. Click the “Generate password” icon ( :arrows_counterclockwise:) in the password field, and click “OK” on the warning about overwriting your current password.
  2. Click “Select” in the upper right corner.
  3. Click “Save” in the upper right corner.
  4. Click the “Autofill” button.
  5. If the website’s password change form has an “Old Password” field, then you need to delete the value that was autofilled into that field, and enter the old password.
  6. Submit the online password change form, and you’re done!
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I am now a Premium member

Here is what I did…

A) I went to Reports and clicked on Reused and Weak Passwords

B) I clicked on the respective websites in said Reports

C) I changed the password within the bitwarden pop-up box and clicked Saved

D) I did this for 148 sites that were identified by bitwarden as having weak or reused passwords

Is this the correct method for updating passwords on my bookmarked web pages?

Well… seems like you skipped the step where you let the website know what your new password is.

but I saved the p/w

how do I tell the site?

Each website typically has a “password change” form in the account settings, which is how you would let the website know what you want to use as your new password.

I’m guessing that you did all of your 148 password changes in the 4-hour time period between your first post and my response, because you essentially skipped Steps 4-6 from my instructions.

As explained in my original response, there is no way for Bitwarden to automatically inform the websites about the password change, so the required process involves manually navigating to the appropriate password change form on each website, and then transferring the information about the new password from you Bitwarden vault into the password change form.

Yep, that is what I did. Given that I cannot do what I want to do, I would like to cancel my Premium account. Please refund my credit card and let me know when this has been taken care of

I appreciate all of your help

I am not affiliated with Bitwarden, and have no access to your account or credit card information. You need to contact support to request a refund of your Premium subscription.

If you want to delete your Bitwarden account, you can log in to the Web Vault ( or, depending on which server you used to create your account), and do the following:

  1. Select the profile icon in the upper right corner, and choose Account Settings from the dropdown:


  1. On the My Account page, scroll down to Danger Zone and select Delete Account.

  2. Enter your master password when prompted.


Good luck, and if you ever find a password manager that can do automatic password changes, come back and tell us about it! :wave:

Thank you. I will contact support as noted