Updating/Changing existing p/w?



I am keen to use Bitwarden and have a question.

Can I change ALL my site passwords through Bitwarden via autogenerate when I Favourite my site log-ins?




If you mean by Password Changer that Dashlane/lastpass and some others offer then no, Bitwarden cannot change passwords on your behalf then save it for you. You’ll have to do it manually.


Right, so just so I being clear, If I log into a site, like twitter, with an existing log on and save that to Bitwarden, can I use Bitwarden to change that password for a generated one, or do I have to follow steps you’ve said and do it manually?

I want to change my passwords regularly for sites I am a member and if Bitwarden can do this I’d be chuffed.




Yes, you’ll have to go to that website’s profile settings and change your password there. Atm bitwarden can’t automatically change a password for you even if you generate a new one.