How can i open the bw.exe in Windows 11

I want to open bw.exe but it closes after i start it i tryed just normal double click with cmd start bw.exe.
Thanks for helping me out.

I do not know any “bw.exe”. The name of the executable is Bitwarden.exe. Where did you download it ? To be on the safe side, you should get it from here: Install and Sync All of Your Devices | Bitwarden

You might have to reinstall the latest Bitwarden Desktop app as it received an update just yesterday.
I faced a similar issue today when the Desktop app gave error , on starting it up.
When i further checked the list of apps installed from the control panel , i couldn’t see Bitwarden App installed :sweat_smile:. So mysteriously it somehow vanished.
I had actually opted to “update later” yesterday when an update pop-up came up as i was middle of a website sign up and didn’t want mess it up. i forgot to update since.

It Maybe a problem with windows , but i think a reinstall should solve it.

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