Bitwarden on Windows 10 does not open

Bitwarden application window does not open on windows. I can see the app on the toolbar and see a thumbnail of the app windows when I hover over the icon but when I click on the toolbar icon the app window does not open. I have restarted windows (no change). Uninstalled and reinstalled Bitwarden (works for awhile but problem returns)

Hi Larry - welcome!

The Bitwarden desktop app is working fine for me on Windows 10, and I have never encountered this behaviour before. Is there any chance the window for the app someone got pushed off the edge of the screen? If so, you might try this:

The app works great except when it does this “Thing” :wink:
I have yet to find a consistent way to get it back…
If it is falling off the edge of the screen…How do I find it??? and get it back??
I have four displays and I minimize everything when this happens trying to find it.
If I Alt-Tab or hover over icon on toolbar, the bitwarden window is there.
I have another app doing the same thing.
Tried getting help from Dell ProSupport Plus…that was a minus

The link I posted above tells you how to find it if the app went off-screen and how to bring it back. This is not an uncommon problem for any app with a small footprint on Windows when using multiple monitors. :slight_smile:

Duh! Sorry,

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