Bitwarden.exe "app can't run on this PC" on Windows 10 22H2

This is a common error for all sorts of reasons, and I did search for possible solutions first. Remarkably, I didn’t match anything in this forum.

The thing is, it was working fine. Then I updated. That’s all I can recall changing. If we don’t come up w/ anything I can downgrade to 22H1 to check/prove whether this is the problem, but I’d rather come up w/ a solution that lets me move forward with updated windows.

The Chrome extension is still working so I’m not completely down. Just the main executable is suddenly behaving this way.

I’ll be running sfc and some other lengthy utilities to see if anything else is out of whack while I’m waiting to see what’s up. Most interestingly, why this hasn’t happened to someone else and been discussed already. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help.

Hey @true911 just to confirm, did you try reinstalling? Are you downloading from the Bitwarden website or the Microsoft Store?

Oops I tried to reply to the email. Let me try again…

I did see that MS Store entry, and I thought, “what the heck?” But I had the installer in my downloads from a recent version update and I reinstalled it, which did fix the problem once, temporarily. Now that it’s recurring I’m starting to ask questions. If “reinstall” is still the best way to keep going, I can do that. I just wanted to explore the problem while I actually have it visible in front of me and can try different suggestions.

Well, here we are, with no input yet from BitWarden about this. I forgot about it for awhile, until I needed local access again (trying to login to apps), and I found my own earlier post when I came back here.

Anybody? Anything?


Hi @true911! What Bitwarden Desktop version do you currently have installed?

Also, be aware, there is a new release scheduled to come out tonight, but I’m not sure if that includes an update of the Windows Desktop App.