Groundhog Day - the same update every day

I have Bitwarden installed on a Windows 10 desktop machine. Every time I start Bitwarden, I am prompted to do the same update (1.32.1). I do that, it works, the next time I start the program I am again prompted to do that update. What can this be?
Thanks for any tips.

Hey there, this issue is being tracked on Github here.

As previously mentioned we identified some issues with the updating process which should be resolved for the next release.

In the meanwhile the recommended workaround is to:

Uninstall the desktop application.
Restart the computer
Re-install the latest version from the website.

Should Bitwarden auto start after restarting the computer you most likely have multiple versions of Bitwarden installed, and need to uninstall all of them.

The default installation locations are:

C:\Program Files\Bitwarden

And they should contain an Uninstaller which you can run.

Thank you very much - that was the solution!
Best Regards, PaPe