Having trouble with Bitwarden Browser Extensions? (Chome, Firefox, etc)

There have been recent reports here on the forums with issues related to the browser extension (version 1.56). I have compiled a list in the post below if you want to browse them.

It looks like the Bitwarden team has been working overtime to pump out updates to the latest extension. **Version 1.56.5 is available now on the Chrome Web Store. Releases for non-Chromium browsers (e.g., Firefox) will be rolling out soon for within-browser updates, or check out the Bitwarden Github page for the latest browser extension releases.

What can I do to try and fix my issues?

  1. Update your Bitwarden extension to the latest available version. Also make sure you are running the latest release of the browser!

  2. If you still have issues after updating the extension, you can also try some of these solutions that have solved many problems for other people here in the community:

    • Force a sync of your vault by going to Settings → Sync → Sync Vault Now
    • Disable Auto-fill on Page Load. Go to Settings → Options → uncheck Enable Auto-fill on Page Load
    • Logout of Bitwarden and login again. Go to Settings → Log Out → Log Out
    • Disable the extension, restart the browser, then enable the extension again
    • Uninstall the extension, logout of Chrome, restart Chrome, login to Chrome, reinstall the extension

Below is a list of the issues that may have been affected in the recent Chrome browser extension. If you have tried the potential fixes above and those have not helped, you might browse the threads below for other solutions:


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Thank you for the info.

Does this mean that the Bitwarden extension in (desktop) Chrome will not update automatically?

Do we need to uninstall the old version and install the new one manually?

Will we see some notification when the new repaired version of Bitwarden is released?

Hi Bazza. Whether or not your extensions auto-update will depend on how you have setup your browser options. If you have set your extensions to update automatically within your browser, then yes, the Bitwarden extension should eventually auto-update.

If you haven’t enabled automatic updates of your extensions, you will have to update them manually within your browser. There is no need to remove the old one and install the new one separately.

Regarding notifications, yes, I am sure someone here will let us know as soon as it starts rolling out, and shortly after that I will update this thread. Cheers!

I updated it to 1.56.3 and now it just keeps spinning like this

forcing it to sync does not help, disabling and re enabling doesn’t and logging in and out doesn’t work either

I’m having the same issue after updating to 1.56.3. Now the vault will not unlock and it just shows the spinning circle.

The updated Bitwarden extension (version 1.56.3) for Chrome is now published in the Chrome Web Store, so please update the extension if your browser is not set to update it automatically. It may also be a good idea to disable the extension, restart Chrome, then re-enable the extension after it has updated to version 1.56.3.

If it still does not work for you, there are some suggestions in the first post of this thread.

If you were having problems with the previous release of the extension, I hope this fixes everything for you! :smiley:

still not working after 1.56.3!
even after trying all the tricks in the post above…

this is sooo poor / unprofessional!!!

  1. testing not done or not properly done!

  2. no proper deployment plan (wonder if these guys have heard of a backout plan)!

now over 24 hours without a proper fix

we all make mistakes but this is totally unacceptable…

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It doesn’t fix things. It made things worse. Before the sync trick was working, but now it doesn’t.

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can’t believe they can’t just backout?!?
is there any way to get back to the previous version!

1.56.4 APPEARS to work…
available here: https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/releases

there’s also ZILCH comms from bitwarden about progress / lack thereof…
really appalling!!!

That’s not exactly true. See responses here:

To be fair, it seems like the small team at Bitwarden has been working extremely hard to solve the issues in release 1.56. Kudos guys. :+1:

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yep it is broken in Chrome (Chrome RESOLVED FFox not so much)

and i the mean

time in FIREFOX

uninstall and reinstall after update on feb 12 solved this in Chrome but firefox, below, is still not seeing the windows app

didn’t solve it for me…
still not working!

1.56.4 APPEARS to work…
available here: https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/releases

OK, but it’s all over the place…
are we supposed to go to four different places to find out what’s happening?
why is there nothing there? https://status.bitwarden.com/

sorry, but as an IT professional, i just don’t understand how they could mess up like this… as said above, testing? backout plan? none of that, unfortunately!