No 2-FA / slowness on new Bitwarden Chrome Extension after update

Hello, guys,

The icon and UI look different and everything is working slower today on my M1 Max Mac. It’s a fairly powerful machine so I’m surprised by the UI lag. In any case, more importantly, the Chrome extension doesn’t seem to have any awareness that I have a 2-factor code set on my accounts. None of the codes show up, I can’t copy them, opening the entry doesn’t show the code, etc.

However, if I log into the Bitwarden website I can see the 2-factor code and the app on my phone has it too. To be clear, I have an account with Some Cloud Company (SCC). My SCC account has MFA. I have the code in Bitwarden. I can access the code using the Bitwarden site or my iPhone Bitwarden app. I cannot access the code in the Chrome Extension.

This is not at all what I expect. I don’t want to lose my MFA codes. It’s a bloody pain in the ass to change them. Why is this happening?


Hi @Roshan_George - welcome to the forums. And sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Bitwarden extension.

It seems like this has worked for others:

  1. Logout of Chrome, then quit Chrome

  2. Open Chrome again and login

If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the extension before you logout, then repeat the steps above, and then reinstall the extension. Let us know how you make out!

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Uninstall extension and install it again works for me. Thanks.


Is it just me, or is the new extension MUCH slower than the previous one. As in a factor of 3-5 times slower.

From clicking on bitwarden icon to being able to type the password is 6+ seconds

From hitting enter after entering password to the screen showing it’s trying to unlock is 4+ seconds.

Clicking the autofill on this community login form from click to seeing data ID/pass type was 12+ seconds. Clicked it 3 times thinking I didn’t hit it…and it chained the autofill together quickly.


Try this and see if it helps:

Let us know how you make out!

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I too am noticing a massive slowdown with the new UI. Change for the sake of change causing problems isn’t a good thing. Sigh…


Hello everyone and have a good day,
I have a troubule, in this case i cant copy OTP(icon) for my OTPAuth. Please Fix It
Best Regard

seems to be a plugin issue … log in to your Vault in a browser window and copy the TOTP token from there

Hi @gosudvt and welcome to the community.

Could you please try logging out of the extension and then back in. This seems to solve the problem you are experiencing.

it doesn’t solve it consistently, at least not for me … the plugin still goes to 100% CPU and gets disabled by Chrome …

sometimes it’s ok for a while … but it has locked up dozens of times already this morning … it’s definitely an issue in the latest release

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I did re login on both Smartphone and Extension but the icon OTP(coppy OTP) still not working.

Yes i try it but the icon copy TOTP not working

Aw this issued has been fixed, thanks everyone. I’m so appreciative

Is your Premium Subscription to Bitwarden active, or did it expire? Sometimes people don’t notice and this is the cause.

EDIT: Scratch that - just saw that it is working now. For the benefit of others who might benefit, what did you do for it to start working again, @gosudvt?

Just re login app and extension, close chrome and try it again.

We’re actively working on this item - stay tuned for an update soon!


Just a heads up: my windows desktop app also refuses to show 2fa codes. It’s telling me I need to have a premium subscription, which is still active till August. The Chrome extension doesn’t work at all.

Slightly scary that all my eggs are currently only in my Android basket…

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Add me to the list of users experiencing a HUGE slowdown of the UI. Just opening the UI takes 3 seconds, then just switching to the settings tab takes another 4 seconds. This is on a Core i7, 32GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro, latest Chrome browser. A fast machine.

Same experience here, it is an actual UI freeze until whatever blocks, finishes. Would it be possible to move that to a loading indicator / background thread, one that does not freeze the whole browser to make it clean?

Opening all items in vault (1200+ here) is actually faster (hangs for 2-3s), then using the back button there to get back to the overview (hangs for 3-5s).

The 2FA workaround worked, just need to call my family to get it working there as well… sigh.

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If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the extension before you logout, then repeat the steps above, and then reinstall the extension. Let us know how you make out!

David, I did as you suggested. The extension is now functional and I am able to retrieve my 2 FA codes and they do copy to the clipboard. Much appreciated. Consider the crucial problem fixed since I have functionality.

The extension is still incredibly slow. I have tried using it on multiple high performance machines (my aforementioned M1 Max and a Ryzen Linux desktop) and hard as it is to believe, the extension is actually slower than JIRA or Google Drive.

This is unfortunately timed since I was just telling my friends to move from OnePassword to Bitwarden for performance reasons. I look like a right idiot as the Bitwarden UI on my computer flickers into view. I see you’re using Redux and I assume React as you are, but the instant performance of the previous extension was a user feature that I liked showing users of other password managers. Kindly consider the performance implications of the change in your program.