Get not every time a info to save the new password

Hi !

I am using bitwarden as self hosted version on my synolgoy nas.
I works fine but there is a little problem - not sure if this is a issue from bitwarden or my browser.

Normaly I am using safari (macOS) as my default browser.
Best example: I logged in ( the first time and safari dont ask me to save this password. this situation I have with 80% of my visited websites.

Same procedure with Firefox:
I logged in ( I get directly the option to save this password.

What can be the problem ?

I too am having this problem on Chrome with a Win 10 PC. One login I use every day has a prompt every time I visit for Bitwarden to remember the password. The first 3-4 times I said yes, please remember, logged in to Bitwarden and nothing happened (meaning no password saved). Then I started clicking ‘never remember’ that also did not stop the pop-up.

and what is the solution now? :smiley: