Free Families Account with Enterprise

We are setting up our Enterprise account and trying to determine the best option for our users to redeem their free Families accounts. Many of our users would prefer to have one account, ideally their personal account.

However when I tested this, it appears that if I join my Organization with my personal account, I cannot redeem my free Families account with the same email address. Is this correct? Do I HAVE to have a separate work and personal accounts in order to redeem my free Families account?

Hello @lcolatosti and welcome to the community,

This is correct that Bitwarden recommends the use of separate accounts for personal VS work credentials, and a separate account is required to redeem the Family plan sponsorship for the Enterprise plans

More can be found in

Q: Can I redeem with the account that’s a member of the sponsoring Enterprise?

A: No. Upon redemption, you will be asked to enter a personal email address that you own. If you already have a personal Bitwarden account, enter that account’s email address. If you don’t, enter a personal email address for which you want to create a personal Bitwarden account.

As well as on step 4 of Redeem your sponsorship

Do not use the email address or Bitwarden account attached to the sponsoring organization.

This helps for easy onboard/off-boarding of users as well and helps to ensure that work related credentials stay with the related work account and personal credentials are not mixed into this or “lost” when an employee leaves and possibly no longer has access to their individual corporate vault or the shared organizational vault.

You can easily switch between personal and work accounts as well as others with the account switching feature in Bitwarden.

Thanks for this response - it’s helpful. If we need to maintain two separate accounts, is there a fast way to move passwords between the Enterprise and Personal vaults? We’re migrating a lot of passwords and we all have work password in our personal vaults. Is there a quick way to do it, or do we just need to export and sift through to import the work related ones?

Unfortunately I do not know of an easy way to simply transfer en mass multiple items from one vault to another such as work to personal other than an export/import.

I would also recommend if you go with this method you ensure the remove individual vault export enterprise policy is not enabled, or is disabled for the time being to allow Manager & User user types to export their work vault.

They can then work to

  1. Export their individual vault data, .csv option will be the easiest to work with
  2. Use a editor such as Excel, Apple Numbers, LibreOffice, etc. that can easily allow to remove entries not associated with the personal vault
  3. Import the data into the separate personal individual vault

If you are comfortable with the CLI then you may be able to find an easier way to “transfer” these objects from each work vault to their respective personal vault with a script, but that may be a bit intimidating to most users.