Can you be a member of a family and enterprise at the same time?

Like a lot of folks, I’m evaluating alternatives to trust insecure big name password manager. Changing what my family uses is easy. I have influence over what my employer uses. it would be nice if i could coordinate both. One hassel I have with the other - if logged into my work account, i can see work passwords, shared work passwords, personal passwords, but not those shared with my family. If I log into my personal account, i can see personal passwords, passwords shared with family, personal work passwords, but not passwords shared with coworkers. How does this work with bitwarden? It’s be a real hassel if i had to log out and back in to access accounts separated by account type.

Hi @Brian_Helman welcome to the community!
Any Bitwarden user can be part of any number of Organizations, free, family, teams, and enterprise. You can have one account that is a member of all of those organizations. Here’s an example of the view in the browser extension where I can select between the different Organizations.
The only exception would be if an Enterprise Organization had the single organization only policy enabled for their intended security posture.
Hope this helps!

Yes, that’s very helpful. I’ll be taking a much closer look at functionality and usability now, based on passing that hurdle. thank you!

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How does one add a family vault to an Enterprise account? Or vice versa?

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As with any organization, this starts with the owner or admin of the Family or Enterprise organization inviting the individual user to join their organization. If the user receives and accepts invitations from multiple organizations, then they will have access to the vaults of those organizations, in addition to their own individual vault.