Linked personal vaults for Corporate users

Feature name

  • Linked vaults

Feature function

  • Similar in functionality to [redacted] password manager (hint hint). This allowed Enterprise users to link their personal vault so that passwords for personal subscription sites such as professional associations were easily available at work.
  • This feature could allow saving passwords to another Vault/Organization or just show up as a Collection/Folder to save to.
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Hello @tardispilot and welcome to the community,

Currently Bitwarden recommends having separate accounts between your work & personal.

The feature for account switching helps to overcome any issues here and allow for users to quickly switch between those separate accounts and gain access to different vaults (personal individual + shared family org & work individual + shared Org vaults) for multiple credentials and items.

For searching between multiple accounts this may be similar to

Feel free to drop a vote that way if you feel it would work for you and the request you have here.

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Is there any update or progress on account switching in the Browser Extension? The lack of this makes using Bitwarden for work and in private really inconvenient.

Closing this thread as it is not safe or recommended to attach you work and personal account together, as work is a higher target.

Enterprise plans come with a complimentary families plan that is a separate vault intentionally.

Account switching is available for desktop and mobile and coming to browser extension in a future update, in the mean time you can use Chrome profiles to easily switch, or use two browsers and be logged into a profile on each.

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